Augdemented Reality

Electronic Harrasment, Digital Bullying, Virtualized Reality Stalking, Phising, ... 

I have thought over this matter.

The first line of defence would be to never use wifi. Always work with a secure cable connection, from your homelocation on secured LAN on your own router.

It is because of wifi, the network has pointers in the augmented reality. All the crossroads and overlapping of a wifi bubble around you combined with the googlemaps, gives an outline for digital harrasment, covert warfare. Big data entrypoints for realtime tracking of people, and above that a grid where the real you is simultaniously polymorphed into, and so can execute from pointblank an electric charge. NLAW application of AI in real time.

Through public networks and company rented modems everywhere can use anything electronicly standby on you and surrounding you, especially anything smart.

If you use a smartphone the moment you turn it on you get a licensed device that in exchange of using the computer with the OS provider. If you use the (thirdparty) apps you exchange anything. If the provider of the OS is android you carry arround an NLAW both NLAW and LAW are both without legal framework. No laws are broken with hiring people for extra buck to work with an app that reaches out assignments.

*Operating System
*Local Area Network

*Artificial Intellegence
*(Non-)Lethal Autonomous Weapen

When a device automaticaly connects roaming between networks, you have a verbal agreement with the networkprovider, so you defacto agree by intrusion on a handshake, ping and pong. So it knows and follows, oce they have locked the target.

When your first line of defence is installed, you proceed by the principle knowledge is power. Learning BasicNetworkSecurity when accessing a network is on you. If you enter Public Space in Civil Law you are bound by the Law, in Augmented Public Space you roam about the digital reality and you handshake every and anything within range smog/cloud with a handshake. When you have a dispute and you feel harrasments infringed on you, it is on you to let the other party know you suffer harm. As there is no civil law on digital traffic and certainly not on NLAW it operates in a judicial vacuĆ¼m.

So acquaint yourself with the common basic network protocols, and expand your knowledge in this field.

Install bought-and-payed computer software for defence against malware, worms and virus. Use online tools for 'network developers', which at this point you are the apprentice.

If you can distrupted there Modus Operandi, you become a too difficult target it might be not worth the cost for the treament you recieve.

A period of seclusion at home could already do the trick and make use of a landline at home.

If possible, just a random thought, try and see if there is a possibility to make a backlog for futher reference since you can go to civil court or lawyer with indications.

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